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Ways to increase sexual stamina and last longer

More stamina in your sex life can never be a bad thing. A boost in stamina can make it a more pleasurable and fulfilling experience for you and your partner. It can enhance your entire experience and leave your partner asking for more!

 If you are aiming to increase your sexual stamina, increase time and enhance performance then here are some options to take into consideration such as changing habits and lifestyle or natural medications. Here are some ways to increase your sexual stamina and last longer in bed:

1) Get plenty of cardiovascular exercise

 Did you know that sex is a mild to moderate form of cardiovascular too? Yes, you read that right! This means anything done do improve heart health would have benefits on your sex life. Regular exercises help you build stamina which in turn helps you be more firm and last longer.

2) Spend more time on foreplay

It’s not always about just putting it in! If you want it to be a more enjoyable activity between you and your partner, investing time in foreplay is an excellent idea. It not only increases the time you spend with your partner but it also intensifies the entire experience.

3) Prioritise foods that contain l-arginine 

A healthy diet also helps you enhance your performance and is a must if you’re looking to improve your duration. L-arginine is an amino acid found in protein rich foods. It helps improve the blood flow in your body which in turn helps you last longer.

4) Vatsyayana Plus Tablets 

The easiest and quickest way to improve your time and enhance your performance are these scientifically backed Ayurvedic tablets made from 12 natural ingredients. These tablets have no side effects and have super ingredients like Shilajit and Ashwagandha which naturally help improve male sexual performance. These stamina increase pills are a game changer.